Mentoring Process

“Mentorship refers to a personal developmental relationship that enables cooperative meaningful conversation to reflect on experiences, make informal decisions and act upon ideas generated”.

The basis of mentoring involves mutual trust and a genuine belief in the process. There has to be a desire from both to build the institution, this rewards personal growth for Mentor and Mentee.

What is fascinating and so positive about mentoring is that both parties gain so much personal growth. It is a two-way learning and rewarding process. The footballer gains new skills and growth by undergoing training in how to be an effective mentor. The Mentee gains from the empowered footballer by regular contact and positive feedback. Watching them play and hearing positive specific football feedback has been hugely beneficial to the player and non league club. It is about ‘giving back’.

Look at the 6 skills below and ask yourself if YOU already do this daily? Because YOU could be the next mentor on our long list of great pro’s. 

Case studies will be released periodically on through our social media platforms so that good practice and outcomes can be mapped and exchanged.